Kit Orders

Kit Ordering Policy

    1. Team kit (clothing) is paid for by parents.
    2. The Kit Coordinator will make a bulk order of clothing and equipment from our supplier for all new and existing teams in July for the upcoming season
    3. Players, parents, and officials can purchase kit, club merchandise, training and coaching wear through the Club Web Shop at any point in the year
    4. If your team has sponsorship funds (held by the Club) you must submit your order to the Kit Coordinator
    5. It is the parents’ responsibility to choose the correct size for their child – please direct them to the NPLYFC Kit Size Guide before ordering


Kit order requests made through the Club are delivered to the Kit Coordinator and also to the Club Chairman for approval before an order is made.

NPLYFC is in partnership with Nike. The agreement between Nike and the Club requires that all teams

  • must wear Club sanctioned Nike kit on match days
  • must train with Club supplied Nike footballs
  • must use Club supplied Nike match balls for games

Equipment for new teams

New teams are provided with the following equipment at the beginning of the season:

  • 1 Nike training ball per player
  • 1 Nike match ball
  • 1 ball bag
  • 1 training bib per player
  • 1 set of training cones
  • 1 first aid kit
  • 3 ice packs
  • 1 pump

Ordering kit during the season

If you sign a player during the season, ensure you place an order for their kit as soon as possible. Top-up kit can also be ordered during the season if a player has outgrown some or all of their current kit. The Club holds a small amount of stock to help reduce delay.

Kit Size Guide

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