About the Club

Mission Statement

“To provide all youth members of The Club the opportunity to play competitive football in a safe, controlled and friendly environment, under the supervision of FA Qualified Coaches.

To encourage everyone involved with The Club – players, coaches, parents and spectators – to support our young players to find challenges, enjoyment and fun and to learn about teamwork as they practice and play football.”

Club Philosophy

The club has published a comprehensive philosophy document for all members to read here. It has been carefully prepared by the chairman, with contributions from committee members and members of the FA.

Club Rules

The Blue Book January 2010 provides a framework for the sports club to operate in. It contains rules and conduct for all members running the club.


The Committee is entrusted with the day-to-day running of the Club and ensuring current standards are maintained. It also helps and supports the Chair and Vice Chair with ongoing development of the Club. The Committee is empowered make decisions, to vote on and enact changes for the benefit of the Club.

It is made up of officials with key management roles within the Club:

Member Contact Email
Chairman Mel Read chairman@nplyouthfootball.co.uk
Club Secretary Nizar El-Chamaa secretary@nplyouthfootball.co.uk
Charter Standard Officer Nizar El-Chamaa charterstandard@nplyouthfootball.co.uk
Child Welfare Officer Steve Bates childwelfare@nplyouthfootball.co.uk
Fixture Secretary Will Palmer fixtures@nplyouthfootball.co.uk
Head Coach Steve Bates headcoach@nplyouthfootball.co.uk
Head of Girls Section Vacant girlssection@nplyouthfootball.co.uk
Recruitment Officer
Seb Pizzuto recruitment@nplyouthfootball.co.uk
Equipment Coordinator Lee Drane kit@nplyouthfootball.co.uk
Referee Coordinator Sarah Del Rio refereecoordinator@nplyouthfootball.co.uk
Registration Secretary Ben Walton registration@nplyouthfootball.co.uk
Social Secretary Julie Smith
Sponsorship Coordinator Julie Smith
Treasurer Nerys Weir treasurer@nplyouthfootball.co.uk
Vice Chair Nizar El-Chamaa vicechairman@nplyouthfootball.co.uk
IT Officer Will Palmer admin@nplyouthfootball.co.uk