Club Role Vacancies

The club has a number of newly-created voluntary roles that don’t require a lot of time or effort, but will greatly reduce the burden on the few volunteers that currently do these tasks on top of their existing role.

The following roles are still vacant. Please help to keep the club afloat by volunteering for one of the roles below (click for more detail)

Contact if you can help.

Social Secretary

The Social Secretary is responsible for arranging and promoting social events for The Football Club members, to fundraise for the club and for local charities. The Social Secretary is also responsible for publishing Football Club news through the website, social media and other channels.


  • Organise and promote The Football Club pre-season Welcome BBQ
  • Organise and promote The Football Club Christmas Drinks
  • Organise and promote The Football Club Parents’ Walking Tournament
  • Organise and promote other appropriate Football Club social events, including inter-section events for the good of The Sports Club as a whole
  • Publish to website and social media Football Club news and events on behalf of individual teams and The Football Club
  • Approve for publishing any news items submitted by an Official through the website or mobile App

Average per week: ½ hour maximum


  • Preparation for each event – 2-3 hours

East Berkshire Secretary

The EBFA League Secretary is the official contact between The Club and the League.


  • Attend quarterly league meetings and communicate information to The Club
  • Forward league information to managers and officials as required
  • Register the teams with the league
  • Register the players with the league

Average per week: 1 hour


  • Off season: 2 registration days and off line registering – 7 hours
  • Quarterly league meetings – 2 hours

Charter Standard Coordinator

The Charter Standard Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the Charter Standard status of The Club. They must ensure the standards of provision are maintained such that the annual health check by the FA results in continued accreditation.


  • Provide information about each team within The Club to the FA for the annual health check
  • Arrange courses and workshops for team officials to complete or update their licenced coaching qualifications, first aid etc
  • Work with the Child Welfare Officer to ensure that the CRC checks for each official are up-to-date
  • Explore funding and opportunities for Club development

Average per week: 1 hour max


  • Annual Health Check – 2 hours every January

Referee Coordinator

The Referee Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that The Football Club has a balanced pool of referees for the season and that a referee is allocated to each home fixture. The Referee Coordinator seeks to recruit new referees to The Football Club, either qualified or trainees, by assisting with their passing qualifications.

The Referee Coordinator may also undertake the Fixture Secretary role, or may collaborate with it on a weekly basis.


  • Register referees for the forthcoming season, ensuring contact details are always up-to-date in The Football Club database
  • Maintain the Referee Handbook
  • Weekly, to provide a referee for each allocated home fixture at The Football Club and to inform the referees of their allocation.
  • Contact the affected referees in the case of a game cancellation or postponement
  • Provide referee contacts to The Football Club tournament organisers
  • From time to time, guide the referee towards league rules, payments and other queries
  • Assist trainee referees during the season by allocating them games in order for them to qualify
  • Provide a referee course once a year at The Sports Club for the purposes of recruitment

Average per week: 2 hours during the season (Sunday evening 1 hour)


  • Pre-season recruitment (3 hours)
  • January / February fixture changes (inclement weather) necessitating contacting refs in the week