Subscription breakdown

The annual subscription is £288 for the first child. The breakdown is approximately as follows:

  • £65 on a social subscription fee to NPL Sports Club (our parent club)
  • £105 on winter training pitches
  • £45 on grounds maintenance
  • £30 on match fees
  • £10 on league fees
  • £35 on kit and team equipment.

Rationale for Change in Season 2018/19

From this coming season parents/carers are asked to purchase for themselves the playing kit for their children via the Club web-shop. The cost will be approximately £25.

Since it was established, the Club has bought team kit for players on a two year cycle. This was never an efficient use of funds and has now become financially unsustainable for the club at the current level of subscription.

The club currently spends all its income each year on its members and is effectively running on ’empty’: this leaves no possibility to build a small rainy day fund, which is crucial for a well-run entity.