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Kate Gait
James Fillingham
Joe Gallimore
Nigel Sinsbury


2016 Minutes

JC: proposed 2016 minutes
Seconded (adrian luckins)
No matters arising


2017 Tournament Review

JC showed the tournament feedback presentation from CS Coaching

CS: collated feedback from 175 teams (46 teams replied)
63% excellent
35% good

87% excellent
11% good

70% excellent
24% good

  • main comment: pitches too close together

22% excellent
54% good

46% execllent
39% good
15% satisfactory

74% excellent or good

  • some issues with refs. 2 did not turn up (will not be invited next year. May be too many young

MR: can we invite more teams? CS: at capacity really. An even number of pitches easier to manage.
SB: comment: more smartly-dressed refs. @agreed
CS: PA being broken made it very difficult to communicate, need to double check it next year
JC: early tournament meeting this year (November) to sort out detailed actions from this tournament & start organising next year
TC: car parking feedback: no signage – so people were going in to Bushy Park rather than coming down the road! @better signage directing people

TC: why do we still have cricket matches? Can we improve that?


Exec Reports

JC invited all to read printed reports.

@JC to forward on to WP to attach to minutes DONE
SB: kit spend up – did our spend go up because of extra kit for teams, with less sponsorship?
JC: 1. lack of sponsors 2. first year of Nike kit (had to hit target for Nike agreement)
AL: info about parental purchases?
JC: we have a detailed spreadsheet, can subtract what we bought as a club.
TC: more messaging / marketing needed to up the sales.
AL: need the marketing role to be filled (WP: did advertise this last year with 10% incentive)



NPLYFC Committee 2017-2018

JC: Name change – IT coordinator
JC: 4 vacant roles needed to be filled. Most importantly Secretary role.
SP: (secretary) moving away but will shadow the role
JC: CGL & SYL Secretary posts will be vreated for next season – one person (parent/official) from those league teams
JC: Next season the Secretary role will be just by dealing with County.
JC: CGL Secretary – one of the new managers
JC: SYL Secretary @need someone by 4th Sept (1st mgrs mtg).
(general discussion about poor attendance and lack of volunteering, no actions taken)

JC: Propose roles

Seconded (Gary Parker )


Exec Committee

JC: to the floor – general comments about set-up?
AL: Exec is required to make decsions quickly works well and should remain.
TC: we should be clear that the model allows people to be seconded into the group to help out
JC: Proposed

Seconded (Steve Bates)



JC showed the proposed calendar for the year

AL: what are the age groups for Friday/Saturday session for the end of season presentations? JC: Upto U13s Saturday, 14s+ for Friday



TC: safeguarding. We will police it more closely as we go. Events in FA have driven the need for this.
TC: Expect all officials to cooperate with this.
TC: Look for help with dates – bottleneck because of similar dates for expiry of checks. Will try to eleviate this by sending out a pre-emptive strike before the automatic mail goes out. Will be as flexible as possible, hopefully managers will be flexible also.

MR: are there any coaching courses coming up?
JC: October for ref course, September for coaches course.

The AGM was closed.

NPLYFC AGM 27.06.16

NPLYFC AGM 2015-2016 Agenda (v3)


Steven Bates, Adrian Luckins, James Fillingham, Antony Weir, Ian Westover, Nick Rush, Peter Bolger

Matters Arising


Tournament Feedback Overview

Summary: of the responses 86% rated the tournament as excellent. The responses represented about a third of participants (bearing in mind that no NPL managers responded). !00% of respondents said that they would attend another event. Pitches were good.

Couple of complaints about toilets (too far away!), overpriced food & refreshments

WP: how many responded? – roughly a third

JC: CS recommends increasing to £40

WP: what about similar model to Brockham i.e.not pay on the door? offset this on cost of entry?

Chair would like minuted special thanks to ground staff for pitches, and for their cooperation for the event.

JC: want to be shadowed next year so that he can step away the year after.


Reports for minutes

Summary from Secretary: increasing teams by 3 next season. Good move to EBFA away from E&E (less admin, teams report positive season)

SP: suggest our refs report fines to us for home games instead of the FA, so that we can fine players directly and get the revenue rather than the FA


NPLYFC Committee 2016-2017

Allison McGann has stepped down as EBFA Secretary. JC to take this role because nobody else has volunteered. WP noted that the additional workload on the Chair is not acceptable and we should find someone. SP offered to go to the EBFA meetings, while JC would do the registration. AGREED.

WP agreed to take on ref management from JC to ease his workload.

JC to circulate role of child welfare. FA prefer a club to have 2 officers – hence asst role. TC will carry on role until a substitute is found. Will also need an asst.

Vacant Roles:

  • Assistant Child Welfare Officer
  • Social Secretary
  • Sponsorship Coordinator
  • (Kit coordinator – see below)

Roles needing new volunteer

  • EBFA Secretary
  • Child Welfare Officer

WP: need to create and maintain role descriptions for all voluntary roles

Kit Partnership

Signed a deal with Nike, which will save us money in long term, as well as providing some other benefits:

  • £2700 to spend on coaching courses.
  • £11.25 credit to spend on next year
  • courtesy tickets & events

We will phase the current kits out and phase in Nike Park (as teams require). JC has created a list of teams that are eligible (2 year rotation)

SP: should have a kit coordinator


NPLYFC 2016-2017 Calendar (v2)

Monday 26th June AGM proposal.

Mgr meetings set, also tournament meetings

Tournament 3/4 June

Welcome BBQ 9th Sept.

Season starts on 10/11 Sept

@JC send dates to WP


Hampton astro is getting converted to 3G. Work starting 18th July. 9 week project. May go over by a week. May get more weeks at Hampton. (get rid of Teddington booking)

WP:age groups days fixed? YES