NPL Youth Football Club Committee Meeting Minutes 25/11/19

NPL Youth Football Club Committee Meeting Minutes 25/11/19

Venue – NPL Sports Club, Sports Pavilion – 1830

Compiled by Nizar El-Chamaa

Attendees: Mel Read (MR) – Chairman; Nizar El-Chamaa (NEC) – Vice Chairman, Nerys Weir (NW) –  Treasurer, Will Palmer (WP) – Fixtures Secretary, Sarah Del Rio (SDR) – Referee Coordinator, Seb Pizzuto (SP) – Recruitment Secretary, Julie Smith (JS) – Sponsorship Coordinator.

Apologies for Absence:

Lee Drane (LD) – Equipment Coordinator, Ben Walton (BW) – Registration Secretary, Simon Karrie (SK) – Coach Mentor, Steve Bates (SB) – Child Welfare Officer


ITEM 2 – Sectional Updates

MR + JS:

  • Richard Roberts (RR) is new trustree at NPL Sports Club.
  • Sports Sections have been siloed for too long and needs to change. Integrate to survive.
  • Funding from NPL will be down to Zero in 2020/2021
  • Sectional fees will be going up.
  • One combined pot across all sports sections for the sinking funds.
  • Mel to meet all sectional heads in due course.
  • Working closely with Cricket section to help them increase players
  • NPL Sports Section survey will be sent out
  • Discussions ongoing about 4G pitch at NPLSC
  • Wine tasting, quiz nights and January family day planned
  • NPLSC kitchen and catering is being considered for change – Halloumi Bites is on the list of potential companies taking it over



  • Referee course in Jan with FA tutor – Waiting to confirm pitches
  • Attendees will need 5 games to qualify – working with Teddington Athletic Football Club (TAFC) to offer this
  • Whatsapp group for all refs already set up between NPLYFC, TAFC & Hearts Teddlothians.



  • Managers need to chase parents more with regards to sub fees.
  • Registration cards can no longer be withheld in the event of non-payment – need solution for this.


  • NPL pitches not being available for first weeks of league games had a knock on effect which meant NPLYFC teams having fewer home games. Not necessarily a bad thing considering pitch recovery times.
  • SYL U7 fixture secretary making life difficult as slow to upload fixtures.
  • SYL staffing issues not helping matters


  • Work on new NPLYFC website postponed due to likelihood of new integrated website required for all sections.
  • Potential for NPLYFC APP also to be licensed to other NPLSC sections.

NEXT MEETING – Mon 3rd Feb 6.30pm