NPL Youth Football Club Tournament Meeting Minutes 25/11/19

NPL Youth Football Club Tournament Meeting Minutes 25/11/19

Venue – NPL Sports Club, Sports Pavilion – 1930

Compiled by Nizar El-Chamaa

Attendees: Mel Read (MR) – Chairman; Nizar El-Chamaa (NEC) – Vice Chairman, Nerys Weir (NW) –  Treasurer, Will Palmer (WP) – Fixtures Secretary, Sarah Del Rio (SDR) – Referee Coordinator, Seb Pizzuto (SP) – Recruitment Secretary, Julie Smith (JS) – Sponsorship Coordinator, Jamie Smith (JS) – U10 Dynamos, Gareth Morgan (GM) – U13 Blues, Matt Bennie (MB) – U14 Neutrons, David Coates (DC) – U7 Protons, Colin Smith (CS) – CS Coaching

Apologies for Absence:

U7 Atoms, U7 Stars, U8 Atoms, U8 Cosmos, U8 Rockets, U9 Galaxy, U10 Protons, U11 Atoms, U11 Protons, U11 Electrons, U12 Sharks, U12 Tigers, U12 Bulls

ITEM 1 – Tournament Update


  • Tournament date confirmed as 30th and 31st of May 2020 – Weekend before half-term
  • Potentially the last year for tournament to be run by CS Coaching
  • Kick offs to start 30 minutes early at 0900 and 1400 for morning and afternoon sessions on both days respectively
  • Registrations at 0830 on Saturday and Sunday
  • Saturday morning sessions: U11, U12 age groups on 7 pitches
  • Saturday afternoon sessions: U7, U9 age groups on 7 pitches
  • Sunday morning sessions: U10, U13 age groups on 8 pitches
  • Sunday afternoon sessions: U8, U14, U15 age groups on 8 pitches
  • Max squad sizes increased to increase revenue and gate receipts
  • Sin Bin rules in place
  • U9 + extra time – players to be taken off – after 2 mins at 2v2, subs can be used
  • No streaming at U14 and U15 age groups
  • New online Tournament Management System (TMS) to be used for fixtures and results: (click on NPL Youth)
  • Whiteboard still to be used in conjunction for transition purposes
  • Online entry and player forms to be used
  • Online registrations to be used
  • Live date for non-NPLYFC teams is Saturday 4th of Jan.
  • CS needs to know the maximum number of NPLYFC teams. Better to cancel than want to be added later on.
  • Invites to teams will be sent out on that date.
  • NPLYFC to promote via Fixtures template
  • NPLYFC blacklist to include unwanted teams from last year
  • Tournament team fee to be raised to £45 from £40.
  • Car park required to be open 30 mins earlier due to earlier kick off times.
  • There was a total of 146 teams for 2019 tournament – not including NPLYFC teams
  • JS to work at adverts for tournament programme – CS to send templates
  • Questions on costs for programme, marquees
  • Improvements from last year’s tournaments include:
    • More Volunteers
    • More sponsorship
    • Cost reductions


NEXT MEETING – Mon 3rd Feb 7.30pm