NPLSC Refurbishment

Dear Member, 
Following previous consultations and contributions from members and all sports sections, the plans for Phase I of the Clubhouse’s redevelopment are now finalised, signalling a new and exciting step in the future of our Multi-Sports Club. 
Please join us on Tuesday 28 February  in the Freddie Greener Room (Clubhouse) for a celebratory unveiling of the plans for Phases 1, 2 and 3, an update of wider improvements over the next twelve months and an opportunity to socialise and ask questions. 
Using member and section responses to the NPL Sports Club Strategy and Redevelopment Plan last summer, together with feedback on successive versions of redevelopment plans that have been up in the Clubhouse for the last few months, the Club has been working tirelessly with Newland House to represent our views and get the best design. This is an opportunity to thank all those involved for their voluntary hard work, as we look forward to the year ahead with building works commencing in March. 
Doors open 7pm (Drink on arrival for the first 50 attendees and / or bar service available)

Many thanks 

Peter Taylor
Chairman, NPLSC