NPLYFC AGM 27.06.16

NPLYFC AGM 2015-2016 Agenda (v3)


Steven Bates, Adrian Luckins, James Fillingham, Antony Weir, Ian Westover, Nick Rush, Peter Bolger

Matters Arising


Tournament Feedback Overview

Summary: of the responses 86% rated the tournament as excellent. The responses represented about a third of participants (bearing in mind that no NPL managers responded). !00% of respondents said that they would attend another event. Pitches were good.

Couple of complaints about toilets (too far away!), overpriced food & refreshments

WP: how many responded? – roughly a third

JC: CS recommends increasing to £40

WP: what about similar model to Brockham i.e.not pay on the door? offset this on cost of entry?

Chair would like minuted special thanks to ground staff for pitches, and for their cooperation for the event.

JC: want to be shadowed next year so that he can step away the year after.


Reports for minutes

Summary from Secretary: increasing teams by 3 next season. Good move to EBFA away from E&E (less admin, teams report positive season)

SP: suggest our refs report fines to us for home games instead of the FA, so that we can fine players directly and get the revenue rather than the FA


NPLYFC Committee 2016-2017

Allison McGann has stepped down as EBFA Secretary. JC to take this role because nobody else has volunteered. WP noted that the additional workload on the Chair is not acceptable and we should find someone. SP offered to go to the EBFA meetings, while JC would do the registration. AGREED.

WP agreed to take on ref management from JC to ease his workload.

JC to circulate role of child welfare. FA prefer a club to have 2 officers – hence asst role. TC will carry on role until a substitute is found. Will also need an asst.

Vacant Roles:

  • Assistant Child Welfare Officer
  • Social Secretary
  • Sponsorship Coordinator
  • (Kit coordinator – see below)

Roles needing new volunteer

  • EBFA Secretary
  • Child Welfare Officer

WP: need to create and maintain role descriptions for all voluntary roles

Kit Partnership

Signed a deal with Nike, which will save us money in long term, as well as providing some other benefits:

  • £2700 to spend on coaching courses.
  • £11.25 credit to spend on next year
  • courtesy tickets & events

We will phase the current kits out and phase in Nike Park (as teams require). JC has created a list of teams that are eligible (2 year rotation)

SP: should have a kit coordinator


NPLYFC 2016-2017 Calendar (v2)

Monday 26th June AGM proposal.

Mgr meetings set, also tournament meetings

Tournament 3/4 June

Welcome BBQ 9th Sept.

Season starts on 10/11 Sept

@JC send dates to WP


Hampton astro is getting converted to 3G. Work starting 18th July. 9 week project. May go over by a week. May get more weeks at Hampton. (get rid of Teddington booking)

WP:age groups days fixed? YES